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About MineCrap
MineCrap server is one of hundreds of thousands of international Minecraft communities. "MineCrap" is our community server brand name.

We do not use Mojang's "Vanilla" server, we use's server.

If you would like to play on this server, as well as the other 125,991+ servers, please purchase an account at Mojang's
for $26.95.

If you would like to create your own server, purchase an account from Mojang, download either Mojang's Vanilla server code,'s or's server code.

MineCrap is a non-profit community and does not use Minecraft in commerce. We are fans of the game and enjoy it very much. MineCrap is our community brand name.

Why did we trademark "MineCrap"?
- To protect our Minecraft community MineCrap server from others impersonating us, so when a player searches for our server on Google, only our servers shows up, and not an imposter trying to steal our fame.
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